Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Mood: Happy

Today has been a good, steady away day. A bit stressed out this morning - I have no clothes in my wardrobe to wear. I picked three tops out to charity this morning and ended up just wearing a top I don't really like to work. I need to go through my wardrobe this weekend and sort out what I need for my holiday. I went in River Island yesterday and saw so much that I want.

My spending habits have changed so much in the past two years. Two years ago I would have thought nothing of buying a £70 and a £50 pair of shoes of payday, along with loads more money on top, jeans, accessories etc. I saw a pair of slingbacks I wanted in River Island and they were £45. That isn't even a lot I know but it just seems too much. I have more money than I ever did and no more bills to pay out - so why has this changed? I think I have become too accustomed to Primark prices. I spend more money on wine than I have ever done. Due to lack of money this week I went for a drink after work on Monday which my friend paid for, and thats it. Granted she has been off Tuesday and Wednesday, this is probably why I haven't been for a drink and I don't mean to sound nasty but with her not being in I like the feeling I can just go straight home. If I get asked for a drink I find it too hard to say no. I usually go to the pub on my lunch as well which I haven't been doing. I think the mixture of not doing it and going shopping, seeing the things I used to spend my money on is making me miss it.

I work on a square of offices with a beautiful park in the middle which is full of office workers ion the sunny days. On Monday lunch time I went and sat there for my lunch hour in the sun and topped up my tan whilst finishing off my book, In My Sisters Shoes by Sinead Moriarty. I love books by Irish writers. I have tried one of Sinead's books a good few years ago and only realised it was the same author when I finished and saw her other books on the back. I didn't like the other book but I think it may have been because I was still at school when I read it and it is about a couple trying for a baby so maybe if was too old for me at the time, IYSWIM? Anyway, In My Sisters Shoes was a good read and I loved the ending. :)

Yesterday I needed to go and get my friend a birthday card so I nipped up to Clintons and got a card for her and also an anniversary card for my Mum and Dad. On my way back I nipped into Aldo and picked up this necklace from the section of jewellery on 2 for 1. I bought both me and my friend one, I wore mine today and found it really irritating, the clasp kept coming open and the heart kept turning the wrong way round:

It was originally £8 I think down to £5.98, so two for almost £6 is good. I love Aldo in Leeds but for some reason I feel intimadated slightly by the people that work there?? I don't know why I get this feeling, its not exactly the kind of shop to make me feel this way, it's just the assistants..can't put my finger on it.

Today I didn't have time to make any lunch so I had to buy (bad) and I bought a delicious Pret sandwich as mentioned in my previous post (v bad). I went to the park and was planning on sitting on the grass and reading (new book: The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets by Eva Rice) but someone came and sat next to me on a towel like we were on the beach, and the sun was so hot I just rolled my leggings up and put my iPod on instead and sunbathed for an hour. Honestly, I wanted to text work and say I was sorry but I'd got stuck on the grass or something, it was lovely! Saw the weather tonight and it is forecast rain on the weekend :(

I will leave you with two more pictures; the first is the Russ Teddy that I won from Skinny Cow, and the second is my Lucy Lamb M&S easter egg my Mummy bought me for Easter! I love lambs :) :) :)

Night xXx


  1. Hi, i'm glad you've had a good day. Its been so gorgeous this week watherwise but i've not been able to get out in it really :( I have a necklace just like the one you got but mine was from Topshop. Anyway i have to agree with you about Aldo i don't really like the people working in there. Have a good weekend x

  2. Well done on the win!!! Easter Egg looks yummy too, too cute to eat though hehe x