Monday, 20 April 2009

Monday Blues

Good things

  • Feeling OK today at work - nice hair, nice make up, nice clothes, nice work, good mood!
  • Sunny weather
  • Sitting in the park reading at lunch in the sun - love it
  • After work drinks in the beer garden
  • Read it swap it - honestly, if you're into reading I can't recommend this site enough. Swapped a book I've had for a good few years for the latest Cecilia Ahern today which arrived looking pretty much brand new. Great way to save money
  • Getting excited about going on holiday - four weeks and two days today
  • Re-discovering old songs I had forgotten about on my ipod - namely Lost Art of Murder by Babyshambles, Love You Till The End by The Pogues and No Other Love by Chuck Prophet
  • Making new wish lists of things to buy from this months wage - a week tomorrow to pay day, I can't tell you how excited I am! Although I can hardly spend any of it :(
Bad things

  • Lack of money until said pay day
  • Appraisal day this week which I *really* don't want to do
  • Having to go to work :(
  • Feeling sick after eating some Easter Egg and drinking wine!


  1. I run a swapping website, so if you like swapping, check it out :)

    Thanks for the comment on my blog, sorry to hear about your nightmare, horrid aren't they :(

    x x x

  2. It's really sad isn't it that people would actually steal off someone, I'd never dream of doing a thing like that. The fact that they took it out of my bag aswell.

    Thanks hun *hugs* x

  3. I'm glad theres more goods then bads on your list. I'm making wishlists for payday too, mines this Friday. Oh those Primark stripey shoes are only £6.

  4. Glad you've got a holiday to look forward to - outweighs all the bad in my opinion!

    I'm craving a holiday so much, but don't have anyone to go with :(