Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Rain, Haul and Painful Shoes!!

Today whilst I was in Superdrug paying for my goodies I thought how I would update my blog tonight and write about my 'mini haul'. Then when the cashier asked for £59.65 I realised it wasn't so much of a mini haul at all, more of a throw-everything-in-your-basket-without-realising-how-much-it-will-cost haul. But I'll get to that later.

I had a total clear out of my drawers on Saturday and re-arranged my wardrobe, hoping to make space for new clothes but it seems that I don't have any to throw out/eBay/jumble. I got rid of two tops? The rest of it is fine. So I just sorted it into work and casual/going out clothes but I have no space. My wardrobe is a fairly big one, well, it's not technically a wardrobe. It's the alcove of my chimney brest with two big sliding mirrored doors over, a shelve at the top resting on the dado rail with a ton of books and old paperwork etc, then two rails of clothing. When I go into anyone elses wardrobe I realise how small they are and how I have such a big one..yet it is so full. I did manage to write lists of most of the clothes I will be taking away with me (three weeks tomorrow!) and as it's only a week I won't need too much. I do need probably anoher pair of flip flops and a costume - I have somehow acquired four pairs of bikini bottoms and no tops?! I am hoping to get this from Marks and Spencers:

I went shoppping last night after work and only decided about half an hour before I finished that I would be going. As I was meeting a friend I didn't want to slum on my greg skinnies and trainers - I hate trainers and these have to be one of the most uncomfortable pairs I have ever owned - so I left my work trousers and ankle boots on that I usually wear around the office. I managed around two and a half hours shopping in them and could walk no longer. I had to get home! I bought a bra from M&S which is very nice and just browsed other stuff as I didn't get paid until today. So today at work, with feet still aching, my friend asked if I wanted to go again tonight, this time with money. I agreed, thinking I would be able to wear the jeans and my flat suede lepoard print shoes which are a hell of a lot more comfy than the heels. By the time I came to leaving work the heavens had opened - I mean it had been drizzling all day but not this bad - and there was no way I wanted to ruin my shoes doing the good ten minute walk across town to the bus stop so I had no choice but to put on the trainers. Honestly, my feet were throbbing when I was sat on the bus and it hurt knowing I still had to do a shopping trip!! In the end it wasn't overlly bad, we didn't stay as long tonight but my feet are still killing :( I soaked them in a nice bath tonight and as I stayed in ages when I got out it was so steamy I opened the landing window and just stood looking out. I don't particulaly like the rain, especially on a morning or when I have to walk in it, but there was something about it tonight that was so peaceful! It reminded me of being abroad - it wasn't cold weather, just nice, and the rain was not heavy, and the smell outside was so nice. Weird how little things like that can make you feel happy.

Soooo, onto my haul.

First up, I got the following four nail varnishes. Three Miss Sporty ones and a Barry M. The Barry M polish is 'Coral'. I'm disapointed that I didn't bother checking my mums nail varnishes before hand as I found she has the same one, but oh well. I wanted a silver cheap polish and picked a Miss Sporty one as I find these don't chip, and they were on the 3 for 2 offer. I can't see any names on the bottles and according to their website the orange looks like it is the Manga but I could have sworn I put the Manga down to pick this other one up. It's a bright orange which I am looking forward to wearing on the holiday, or afterwards with a tan. The other colours I got were the light blue - I think this is called Mercury - and the silver.

With flash above and without below.

I have visited four Superdrug stores in the past two days trying to get my hands on the GOSH Darling lippie. I was more successful today than other days as I found a tester, but none for sale. The assistant said they didn't have any left and after trapsing to another store and found they didn't either I consoled myself for the time being by buying this Miss Sporty lipstick.

Its number 20 and called Strip Tease. The above pics are without the flash - I don't know how you lot take pictures with flashes, everytime I try it just goes white?!

I also got some basic Johnsons eye make up remover pads - I've been buying Johnsons cleansing wipes for years and when I first bought these last September I couldn't believe I hadn't used them before. They're fantastic. The blue bottle is Nivia Visage Young Wash Off Mild Cleansing Gel. I haven't used this before, it was a spur buy so I'll update you on this later. Also in the picture below is the much talked about Ped Egg. I think I bought this for £9.95 at about half 2 this afternoon, then saw it for £5 on a stall in the shopping centre and got home to find my mum had bought one for £4 from the local market! So mad. Have had a go tonight and I have to agree with everyone else, its fantastic. I have the worst feet in the world so this should be great for me! A few other bits - a Babyliss headband with kind of diamante on the top and two pairs of earings. The earings were only 99p each but I lose earings so much when I'm out that I don't really like paying a lot for them. At least at 99p I can't be too mad if I end the night only wearing one. I also got a hair grip/slide/clip whatever they are from Claires later on.

Am sure everyone in the world has a pair of these/has seen these now, the Girls Aloud lashes. I got Nicola and Cheryl. I have never worn falsies before so I don't know how I'll get on with these. I bought a falsh lash applicator type of this - I saw one in Oxford Jasmines You Tube video, and whilst this isn't the same I thought it might help me when I come to putting them on on Friday.

I'm planning on doing a post next week when I get change, albeit a small one, about a liquid foundation I bought last week which has totally dried my skin out. I don't have any liquid ones left so I just picked up a cheap Miss Sporty matt one today, as well as a Rimmel Sun Shimmer. I love it when I buy these - it means summer is finally here! I also picked up the yummy Cherry Carmex and a Collection 2000 eyeshadow -

I really only bought it for the silver for this weekend.

This post seems to have taken me ages for some reason!

I'm going to the cinema tomorrow to see 17 Again I think and then for a yummy Nandos but expect a post on Thursday about my Primark haul :)


Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Mood: Happy

Today has been a good, steady away day. A bit stressed out this morning - I have no clothes in my wardrobe to wear. I picked three tops out to charity this morning and ended up just wearing a top I don't really like to work. I need to go through my wardrobe this weekend and sort out what I need for my holiday. I went in River Island yesterday and saw so much that I want.

My spending habits have changed so much in the past two years. Two years ago I would have thought nothing of buying a £70 and a £50 pair of shoes of payday, along with loads more money on top, jeans, accessories etc. I saw a pair of slingbacks I wanted in River Island and they were £45. That isn't even a lot I know but it just seems too much. I have more money than I ever did and no more bills to pay out - so why has this changed? I think I have become too accustomed to Primark prices. I spend more money on wine than I have ever done. Due to lack of money this week I went for a drink after work on Monday which my friend paid for, and thats it. Granted she has been off Tuesday and Wednesday, this is probably why I haven't been for a drink and I don't mean to sound nasty but with her not being in I like the feeling I can just go straight home. If I get asked for a drink I find it too hard to say no. I usually go to the pub on my lunch as well which I haven't been doing. I think the mixture of not doing it and going shopping, seeing the things I used to spend my money on is making me miss it.

I work on a square of offices with a beautiful park in the middle which is full of office workers ion the sunny days. On Monday lunch time I went and sat there for my lunch hour in the sun and topped up my tan whilst finishing off my book, In My Sisters Shoes by Sinead Moriarty. I love books by Irish writers. I have tried one of Sinead's books a good few years ago and only realised it was the same author when I finished and saw her other books on the back. I didn't like the other book but I think it may have been because I was still at school when I read it and it is about a couple trying for a baby so maybe if was too old for me at the time, IYSWIM? Anyway, In My Sisters Shoes was a good read and I loved the ending. :)

Yesterday I needed to go and get my friend a birthday card so I nipped up to Clintons and got a card for her and also an anniversary card for my Mum and Dad. On my way back I nipped into Aldo and picked up this necklace from the section of jewellery on 2 for 1. I bought both me and my friend one, I wore mine today and found it really irritating, the clasp kept coming open and the heart kept turning the wrong way round:

It was originally £8 I think down to £5.98, so two for almost £6 is good. I love Aldo in Leeds but for some reason I feel intimadated slightly by the people that work there?? I don't know why I get this feeling, its not exactly the kind of shop to make me feel this way, it's just the assistants..can't put my finger on it.

Today I didn't have time to make any lunch so I had to buy (bad) and I bought a delicious Pret sandwich as mentioned in my previous post (v bad). I went to the park and was planning on sitting on the grass and reading (new book: The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets by Eva Rice) but someone came and sat next to me on a towel like we were on the beach, and the sun was so hot I just rolled my leggings up and put my iPod on instead and sunbathed for an hour. Honestly, I wanted to text work and say I was sorry but I'd got stuck on the grass or something, it was lovely! Saw the weather tonight and it is forecast rain on the weekend :(

I will leave you with two more pictures; the first is the Russ Teddy that I won from Skinny Cow, and the second is my Lucy Lamb M&S easter egg my Mummy bought me for Easter! I love lambs :) :) :)

Night xXx

Monday, 20 April 2009

Monday Blues

Good things

  • Feeling OK today at work - nice hair, nice make up, nice clothes, nice work, good mood!
  • Sunny weather
  • Sitting in the park reading at lunch in the sun - love it
  • After work drinks in the beer garden
  • Read it swap it - honestly, if you're into reading I can't recommend this site enough. Swapped a book I've had for a good few years for the latest Cecilia Ahern today which arrived looking pretty much brand new. Great way to save money
  • Getting excited about going on holiday - four weeks and two days today
  • Re-discovering old songs I had forgotten about on my ipod - namely Lost Art of Murder by Babyshambles, Love You Till The End by The Pogues and No Other Love by Chuck Prophet
  • Making new wish lists of things to buy from this months wage - a week tomorrow to pay day, I can't tell you how excited I am! Although I can hardly spend any of it :(
Bad things

  • Lack of money until said pay day
  • Appraisal day this week which I *really* don't want to do
  • Having to go to work :(
  • Feeling sick after eating some Easter Egg and drinking wine!

This song makes me happy

Tuesday, 14 April 2009



Reading two books from my to be read pile over the bank holiday weekend
Selling bits and pieces on eBay - only for small amounts, but every little helps!
Having a busy busy bank holiday with friends
Winning a prize draw on the Skinny Cow website!
Pret chicken caeser baguettes


Back to work tomorrow :(
Supposed to have done my appraisal form which is to be handed in tomorrow - but I haven't
Being over halfway into my overdraft, too scared to see the actual damage and payday is still 2 weeks away :(
Having so much to plan for - holiday in four weeks, night out for friends birthday plus presents etc in two weeks, I don't know how I'm going to have the time or money to sort it out