Wednesday, 30 December 2009


I'm not much of a watch fan it must be said. A lot of people are into watches and see nothing of spending a good £200, a lot more on a decent watch - I'm not one of them.

I'm a clumsy person and I couldn't trust myself not to scratch the face, or lose it somehow, so I like to play it safe and stick to cheaper ones. After mentioning on someones blog a while back that I liked a gold watch they had posted, I received this comment...

Jilleesa P has left a new comment on your post "MUST SEE films and birthday happenings":

It´d make sense if you bought a golden watch. After all, you ARE the girl with the golden touch;)

Those cupcakes are so cute, and i absolutly loved The Hangover. I don't like girlie movies.

xo Jill

...I couldn't think of a better reason to get one!

Here are some I liked...

Guess Gold Mini Rock Candy Watch £99

Michael Kors Gold Chronograph Bracelet £175

ASOS Leopard Print Face, £25

Michael Kors Mk5174 £179

The Michael Kors ones are my favourite without a doubt. But after a lot of thought, and then the fact that I didn't have a lot of money, I decided against it. I was shopping in River Island when I saw a cute one and asked my mum to get it for me for Christmas and this is it....
It was only cheap, which considering I'll either break, scratch or lose it, or even just forget to wear it half the time suits me just fine! 

Are you a watch person? 


Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Ornament Swap 2009!

One of my favourite bloggers is the lovely Micaela of Dolce Vita. She is a lovely sweet girl who I've had the pleasure of emailing a few times and it was when I saw her hosting the 2009 Ornament Swap I knew I wanted to be involved!

Basically Micaela asked anyone who wanted to be involved to drop her a line and let her know. From that point she arranged it (and I've no idea how, I would have been so confused as so many people were involved!) like a Secret Santa so that no two people had the same to swap.

The person I had the pleasure of sending something to was Lisa from Three Ladybugs Love to Play. I picked to send her these two ornaments which I loved and wanted for myself!

The person who had me as their swap was Chels from The Well Nice Chronicles. The lovely girl had sent me this great ornament:

It looks so cool on my little pink tree and I'm so grateful!

A big thank you to Micaela for hosting and organising, and to Lisa and Chels, whose blogs I am glad to have discovered!


Monday, 28 December 2009

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow!

I was so excited with all the snow this year. I usually have a fifteen minute or so walk to the bus stop and a longish wait and each year I moan when it's raining and cold, and snowy but this year I was just so excited by Christmas that I didn't mind at all. And the snow hasn't been all sludgy and gross - it's stayed all white and crispy! It looked gorgeous from my apartment, being higher up than usual and watching the flakes on a night was so good. I took a few pictures over the past week and thought you might like to see them :)

I think my favourite is either the first or second!


Sunday, 27 December 2009

Pressies :)

I read a few things today about people (as in us bloggers) not wanting to see posts like the one I'm about to do - showing a few things I got for Christmas. I don't see why not; personally I'm really interested in seeing what others got given and I'm going to share a few bits that I got, because I think the majority of people are interested. If you're not however, just skip this post now! :)

I was given Gavin & Stacey Series 3 and Cecilia Ahern The Book of Tomorrow by a lovely friend, can't wait to get reading the book, it is so lovely! As for G&S I've already skipped to the final episode (sob sob) and am saving the extras for when I get back home! Another friend bought me a John Barowman book lol, we love him and always talk about him being stupid and I find him really funny so looking forward to reading this too. With that book she got me one of my all time favourite films...

The Preacher's Wife! My mum detests this film. One Christmas, every single time I turned on Sky Movies it was on! It drove her crazy. We don't have Sky anymore, but when we went to Whitby  in October they did - I turned it on and this film was on! It's so good, I actually don't know anyone else that loves it, or even likes it for that matter so leave a comment if you do!! Can't wait to watch it this week.

My bro bought me the latest Harry Potter film, the Death Eater Mask edition case too - I actually thought this was a mask so am a little disappointed that it isn't, it's just got the discs behind it, but it is still really cool for a Harry Geek like me!

My mum and dad got me this - it's a doorstop! It's so cute and soft as well as being really heavy - I needed a doorstop for my bedroom door and this will look so cute :)

My friend also got me this hot water bottle - I think it is called Shirley the Sheep! As you know I love sheep and it is so cold on a night inmy flat I need a hot water bottle to keep cosy so I can't wait to use her :)

Her mum and dad also got me this lovely necklace, bangles and nail varnishes - the green is gorgeous, I can't wait to see what it looks like on!

I got this cute little jewellery wrap - I have been wanting one for ages!

You may remember here when I mentioned my friend was going to New York and I couldn't decide what I wanted to get while she was there. Well as I moved out, I decided I couldn't really afford to be splurging on MAC and other expensive bits and pieces, so I just gave her the list I had made and asked her to get me stuff on there for my Christmas present from her. She got me the Young Punk from Style Black collection, the lustreglass below, a foundation brush, and also this Virgin Vie nail varnish.

I can't wait to try out some of the new make up this week!

What did you get for Christmas?


Saturday, 26 December 2009

Happy Christmas!

I always feel a little sad when Christmas is over - I think because it's my favourite time of year and it only lasts a short while!

I finished work at 12 on Christmas Eve and went for a little drink then went to my parents where I am staying until tomorrow, then back again for New Years.

Christmas Eve afternoon and evening was spent eating gorgeous party food, watching bits of films, bits of Shrek, bits of An Affair to Remember and other bits that were on TV.

On Christmas Day, the day I really wanted it to actually snow it was sunny (why is it always sunny on Christmas Day, I hate it!)! After opening our presents from Santa we had some gorgeous chocolate croissants, then opened more presents from friends. After we'd finished we had some smoked salmon and bagels which were, again, gorgeous.

My grandma came for dinner but didn't stay very long, so I took advantage of some of the smelly things I had received from people and got a warm bath then all snuggly in new PJs, settled on the sofa with nibbly bits and drink in reach and watched Four Christmases with mum and dad, then some other bits that were on TV, The Royal Family, Gavin and Stacey.

I took a few pictures during the day of the tree and things and thought I'd share them with you.

Cheeky cat trying to get some of my Dad's party food!

A selection of my favourite ornaments on their tree!

Milo behind the tree! When we first got her, when she was a kitten, she kept disappearing and we never knew where she was...until one time a cracker fell from the tree - she was hiding in the branches!

The dining table before Christmas dinner.

Hope you all had wonderful days, I did!


Thursday, 17 December 2009

Christmas at mine

I haven't hidden the fact that Christmas is one of my favourite times of year, and I've always wanted my own little pad to spruce up in festive decorations and a big tree! But I'm afraid it will have to wait until next year when I have a little more money, as this year I am not that rich and have just made do with cheapie decos and things I already have.

I did put most of these deocrations up on the 1st this year but I have only just got round to taking and uploading photos. 

This is clearly one of the most favourite parts of my apartment as I have so many photos of it! My colour in my kitchen is red so I used red beads all around the banisters and a bit of red tinsel on the back wall where I keep all my books.

This is my lounge, with my little tree, presents (and Kiss FM blasting out of the telly!).

A lovely picture of my little tree and some lucky peoples presents! I actually think I'm in love with this picture.

I missed not being able to properly decorate a tree and I had this little pink one that someone bought me a few years ago so, as my bedroom is pink themed, I put it up in there with my little decorations. I *love* the 'I <3 NY' one that I bought when I was there. The other thing in my bedroom I already showed you...

(Can't find the original picture now!) The fairy lights. I love these so much  I think I am going to leave them up after Christmas, they make my bedroom feel lovely!

Can't believe Christmas is only a week away! I am going shopping tonight to get one more present for my mum and I am finished! Going to get home from work (after shopping), get a lovely bubble bath with some new bath bombs I have from Lush and watch Gavin and Stacey whilst wrapping the rest of the presents for under my tree.


Wednesday, 16 December 2009

I'm so excited

If you needed reminding of one of my favourite scenes (or just want an excuse to watch a clip of SATC) go here.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Honest Scrap

Ages and ages ago quite a few people tagged me with the 'Honest Scrap' award and I never actually did it. I remembered today so decided to give it a go - hope it isn't too boring for you to read!

1. I've only ever had two jobs - I left school when I was 16 (or 15, technically, I was one of the youngest in the year) and began a modern apprenticeship and it was HORRIBLE. It was full of scratters and I hated them all and used to cry about going. So after about a month or maybe two I applied to an agency and they asked my dads boss, as I had done my work experience there, for a reference and he needed someone in the office. So I stayed working for Leeds City Council from the age of 16 to 19 when I left to work for the place I work now.

2. I cracked my head open when I was two. I was holding onto the windowsill and knocked a pot plant pot onto my head which cracked it straight open! It got glued back together (not stitched) and I have a cool little scar now on my forehead.

3. I'm fussy about which crisps I can eat with what. For instance, if I am going to eat a tuna sandwich I can only eat either Cheese and Onion or Ready Salted crisps. If I'm eating chicken sandwich it has to be ready salted. I can't eat a sandwich without crisps - I have a fear that I won't like the taste in my mouth so I need crisps ready to shove in!

4. And with pizza (even though I *know* I am going to like the taste) I rarely eat it without chips. It's a weird thing - I can't eat a meal with just one thing, I have to have two things ready to eat. I don't know why!

5. I love the idea of just staying on the sofa all weekend, pepsi in reach, food in reach and dvds ready to switch.

6. I like watching sad films to make me cry. When I cry at films I always forget that I'm crying at a film and get confused and think it's my life - yesterday, I watched Love Actually and when it got to the part of Liam Neeson's wifes funeral I started crying and then before I knew it I was thinking about being at someone (i.e. my parents or someone special's) funeral and how I don't want to be there and I had to tell myself it wasn't happening and it was a film! I'm weird I know. I don't know why.

7. I get really annoyed when people don't text/email back. It's rude!

8. I'm getting a Wii for Christmas and I can't wait. I guess it's a little childish to be excited about a games console at 23 but I am so looking forward to playing with it!

9. I wish I had Sky Plus. There are so many TV programmes I would watch if I had it.

10. I love cats. I think when I am older I will probably become a cat lady. Men are too complicated, cats are so much easier!

I'm not going to tag anyone but if there is anyone who hasn't done this and wants to comment so I can read your answers!


Monday, 14 December 2009

Harriet Evans

This book has a LOT to answer for. It's the reason I am so tired - I began reading it on Saturday night, probably only read a few chapters but when I got home last night and picked it up for a little bit I didn't realise that I wouldn't be able to put it down without finding the end out...thus staying up until 3 am to finish it! Not good when your alarm goes off at 6.30...

I love Harriet Evans. I probably wouldn't care if her writing was rubbish, as the covers of her hardback books are so lovely and glittery, but the writing isn't rubbish and I love reading them.

Going Home reminds me of Christmas and I love picking it up over the holidays. It makes me crave a massive family and stately family home though! A Hopeless Romantic again makes me want the same things...I didn't like it as much as Going Home but I do think it's pretty hard to beat.

This is Harriet's latest book, I Remember You. I'm a bit mad because I had been thinking all weekend I had asked for it at Christmas and I have just realised I haven't! I got confused with Cecilia Aherns The Book of Tomorrow. Oh well, another book to buy myself then! I'm sure it will be as good as the rest of her books.

Does anyone else rate this author?



In August 2007, 20 year old goth Sophie Lancaster and her boyfriend 
Robert Malby were walking through Stubbylee Park in Lancashire 
when they were brutally attacked. As a result of her injuries Sophie never
regained conciousness from a coma. 

Sophie was beaten to death purely because she looked and dressed 
different to the majority of us.

It makes me sick to think we live in the kind of world where not only people
would kill and injure other humans just for the way they look, but that they 
would brag about what they have done afterwards.

Sophie's mum Sylvia set up The Sophie Lancaster Foundation - SOPHIE, 
which stands for Stamp Out Prejudice, Hatred and Intolerance Everywhere. 
There are many ways in which you can help this foundation - either by donating
, or, perhaps an easier way for us make up lovers, by buying a wristband from 
Illamasqua or a eyeliner pencil. Details can be found here on their official website, 
or the SOPHIE website is here.

This video was released around a month ago to try and raise awareness to the 
horrific death of Sophie. Please, show your support and pass the video along to 
try and get it seen by as many as possible.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Favourite Christmas Songs

I thought I would do a quick post of my favourite Christmas songs, given the season and all! So here we go, the five most listened to songs on my iPod at this time of year.

Fairytale of New York

I have always loved this song. The first few bars of music make me so excited the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and I love the Irish accent in it :)

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

This song is so warm and lovely! It makes me smile and want a big warm family (I don't know why). I only really love the Luther Vandross version though.

Driving Home For Christmas

I adore this song. It reminds me of my daddy, when we used to work together and drive home on a night in Winter, I love it.

Do They Know It's Christmas

I have to be honest. I used to hate this song so much. I can't say I like Bob Geldof. The only reason I have suddenly taken a liking to it?

That is SO funny!!! I absolutely LOVE Gavin & Stacey, especially the Christmas Special, it makes me feel all happy and excited!

Last Christmas

You can never go wrong with a bit of Wham!

Thursday, 10 December 2009

A Piece of Me - December Styleee :)

Three or four days late but here is my contribution to Toothfairy's game...

This month...

I like: Everything! This is my favourite month of the year. I LOVE Christmas!! Everything is so cosy - even the walk home, the bus journey home, it is so wintery!

I don't like: Being without the internet. It is doing my box in!! I miss lounging in bed/on the sofa looking at blogs. I hardly read or comment on them anymore because of it. I will be getting the internet after Christmas hopefully :)

I want you to know: I prefer sorbet to ice cream. I've been eating Ben and Jerry's Mango and Raspberry sorbet on a Saturday lunchtime to bring me round from my hangovers lately. I'm not really that much of an ice cream fan - frozen fruit or sorbet any time!

I've planned: my time from Christmas Eve to New Years weekend immaculately. Christmas Eve - finish work at lunch, maybe go for some drinks with collegues (or frollegues, a work I picked up last night - friend and collegue = frollegue!!), then to my mums for her Christmas Eve buffett and Christmas TV. Christmas Day, spend with the family and Boxing Day again the same. The day after Boxing Day going back to mine and then until New Years Eve.....NOTHING!!! Nothing but long sleeps, wearing cosy comfy clothes and watching back to back DVDs and eating party food. And I cannot wait! For the sleeping part especially. I'm so tired on a morning! I think I am going to set my alarm for 630 still just to get that satisfaction of snooooozzzzzzzzzzzeeeeeeeing for good!

I want to say to someone special: My special someone this month is.... this dude:

I've been good this year...treat me well!! :D

If you want to play this game head over to Toothfairy to read this post about the game and how it works. And here was my November entry, if you're new and wanted to have a gander!


Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Christmas Shopping

Remember when I got a tad obsessed with browsing the Dorothy Perkins website and decided I wanted everything in sight? Remember when I wanted the dog tooth coat which was £65?

I did go and try it on and couldn't decide if I liked it or preferred a purple bubble coat instead and in the end I just never made a decision.

It was my friends birthday this weekend so we ventured into Leeds for a bit of Christmas shopping and when my friend bought a blue coat from Next it made me start thinking about the coat I had wanted...

After stopping off in Nandos we went into River Island where I picked up these gorgeous slippers...

and this bag for my friends Christmas present:

In the end we went up to Dorothy Perkins and I was pleased to see that not only were the coats reduced, but there was a further 20% sale on Sunday. The dog tooth one wasn't in my size, the purple one wasn't in my size but I saw a different royal blue coat with a zip. Which wasn't in my size. After speaking to a very unhelpful sales assistant I finally got someone to ring the other Leeds store to see if they had any of them in my size and they had the blue one. Up I went and tried it on and fell in love with it. I wore it to work today and it made me so happy!! That sounds so sad. I think it is the bright colour!

I'm a kid, I love the holiday add ons on Picnik!

What bargains are you glad you waited for, intentionally or unintentionally this year?


Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Getting the Christmas feeling

Recently, I've been spending a lot of time in here...

with my new fairy lights making the bedroom feel like a total princessly palace, reading...

A Winters Tale by Trisha Ashley, a book I bought from Oxfam last weekend alongside The Infidelity Chain by Tess Stimson, with this gorgeous little box...

My Dad bakes every Christmas and I had totally forgotten this until this weekend when I went to the cinema with my brother. When he came to pick me up he brought this cute little box full of jam tarts which are to die for! So far I've managed to be good and only have three...I think I'll eat more tonight though!

How are you managing to get into the Christmassy spirit?