Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Birthday Shenanigans

Thanks for all your comments and emails wishing me a happy birthday! I had a really great weekend, beginning on Friday.

Like I mentioned (I think) I went for a breakfast in the morning with my boss and friend. I only picked that place to go as I couldn't stop talking about these delicious looking kippers that were available, its a poshest fish restaurant in the city centre, so we decided upon going there so I could get them. Guess what? They didn't have any! So I had smoked salmon and scrambled eggs with toast and it was lovely. Nearly £10 though, so I was pleased when my boss whipped his card out to pay! I felt really nice too as I had dressed up and wore a dress for a change to work, the sun was out and we sat outside to eat.

We walked back to work and as I walked into reception they had decorated it all out...there was a chilled bottle of Bucks Fizz for me, my friend and the receptionist, presents galore on the tables and 21st banners all over the cupboards and walls....complete with photos of me at all ages, courtesy of my mother, including this one!! Every single person who wrote in my card/s added something about either A, being drunk, or B, falling over. I'm so predictable. Work bought me a silver bracelet (I fell up the stairs last week and broke my favourite one) and a 21st photo frame with that above photo in it. The receptionist bought me a pair of posh earrings and a bottle of cava, and my boss bought me a very expensive bottle of champers.

I got one of the lads to cover reception so that me and the other girls could go to lunch together, where we consumed 2 bottles of rose between two of us in an hour and a half and needless to say I was pissed out of my tree when I got back. My boss had kindly done work that needed doing that afternoon so I had to do it as best I could hah hah.

A few of us went to the pub after work, I didn't really talk to a lot of people so I didn't have to worry about the guys I don't like. So, after my slightly alcoholic breakfast drinks, bottle to myself at lunch and four bottles - two to myself - after work, I couldn't stand up. We went for a subway and practically turned into lesbians walking for a taxi hugging, linking arms, telling each other how much we loved each other and generally being pissed and happy.

Until the next morning, when I cant remember a hangover as bad!! Jesus. I felt sooooo ill. I was heaving down the toilet so when I felt slightly better I jumped into my mummy's bed and opened all my presents. My mum and dad gave me £500 to pay for my holiday in three weeks and to go towards spending money, although I'm gonna have to use it now as I'm £13 in my bank, £0 in my purse and payday is a week today (after the bank holiday, how frustrating). Also a h-u-g-e pink box filled with 21 pink related presents which are lovely and girly :-)

I had to go back to bed after that to try and sleep it off, which I managed, then pottered around picking clothes for that night., then headed into the centre to meet my two friends in the hotel we had booked into. I wasn't allowed into the hotel room as they had decorated it all, so we went for a quick larger in the bar and then into town to shop and get some tea. Afterwards, we went back into the room where I opened all my presents and cards from them two, whilst drinking pink champers. We just messed around, watched X Factor (mmmmm Simon Cowell porn) and finally got done up and ready to go out at midnight. We only went to two pubs, as the other girl was pissed out of her head and it was a bit cold, especially for me wearing teensy weensy hotpants and vest top.

The next day we went to another local pub for a breakfast, or in my case as I think cooked brekies are minging, a jacket potatoe. We stayed in there watching a bit of footie, then said goodbye to one of the girls and went to a sports pub to watch the Liverpool V Chelsea match - what a robbing for L'Pool!! Oh and on the subject of footie, how chuffed was I about the Leeds score on Saturday, 4-1!! Get in Beckford is such a God, I love him.

We went to another pub, had two pitchers of cocktails and then went for a Nando's, then it was home time for me.

All in all, a great weekend.


  1. Sounds absolutely fab! How sweet for your work to do what they did :o)
    Sounds like you had a great time :o)

  2. Wow! Everyone really did it up for your birthday! Lucky girl to have such great work, friends and family!

  3. Glad you had a great birthday.

    When it was my 50th....ssshhh.....my husband geoff put a photo of me in the local paper.
    I was about 13years old and I was smiling but....I had no front teeth.