Sunday, 27 May 2007

You Said I Must Eat So Many Lemons Cos I Am So Bitter

...I said I'd rather be with your friends mate, cos they are much fitter

I am totally loving Kate Nash at the moment, I just love that above line from her song Foundations.

I love these lyrics too...they remind me of lots of things ♥

All I know is that you're so nice

You're the nicest thing I've seen

I wish that we could give it a go,

See if we could be something

I wish I was your favourite girl

I wish you thought I was the reason you are in the world

I wish I was your favourite smile,

I wish the way that I dressed was your favourite kind of style

I wish you couldn't figure me out

But you always wanna know what I was about

I wish you'd hold my hand when I was upset

I wish you'd never forget the look on my face when we first met

I wish you had a favourite beauty spot that you loved secretly

Cos it was on a hidden bit that nobody else could see

Basically, I wish that you loved me

I wish that you needed me

I wish that you knew when I said two sugars, actually I meant three

I wish that without me your heart would break

I wish that without me you'd be spending the rest of your nights awake

I wish that without me you couldn't eat

I wish I was the last thing on your mind before you went to sleep

All i know is that you're the nicest thing I've ever seen

I wish that we could see if we could be something


  1. hi,
    where r u from, love to chat sometime, like your blog, x

  2. Wayne, you trawling again? lol

    I LOVE the lines of that song! I must try and download to here what it sounds like.

  3. Wayne: hmmm don't want to say where I'm from but it aint london like you said on my last post, I've left a comment on yr blog x

    Vi, I love that song, the video is on you tube, thats how I found it. She's a bit lily allen ish though, Mind you I dont really like Lily and I love her! Worth a look xx

  4. I hate to sound all cliched but those lyrics remind me of one person & it isn't the ex, we'll only ever be friends but it's one of those friendships where conversations have happened & you just wonder if things could have been different xx

  5. hehe, searched the lyrics to find out what the song's called, ended up here, luv it, nice post ;)