Tuesday, 29 May 2007


Kylie's album, Enjoy Yourself, was the first album I ever had, when I was either 3 or 4, and all these years later (I know it sounds gay!) I have to say, it is still one of my faves. I love all the songs on there, just feel good songs, which remind me of just happier times when I was younger and there was nothing to worry about!

I don't particularly like her these days, as she's got older her music has got different, she actually annoys me a bit now. As I keep on saying, I am STILL trying to update my ipod, and put all my CD's on. It's taking so long cos I have loads myself and then there are loads in the cupboards downstairs, and on the computer, anyway, while working my way through the cupboard CD's today I discovered more Kylie albums - from back in the day!! I love it! I've had to make a playlist with my fave songs in so I can turn it up loud and sing to my hearts content!

The playlist faves consist of (in no order):

Turn It Into Love
I Should Be So Lucky
I'll Still Be Loving You
It's No Secret
Wouldn't Change A Thing
Never Too Late
I Miss You
Tear's On My Pillow (Is this from a film? What? Is it good?)
Got To Be Certain
Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi
Where In The World
Especially For You
What Kind Of Fool

Probably the same year the Enjoy Yourself album came out one of my Uncle's bought me a Kylie video for Christmas, and I still have it; and actually watch it.

So if it's Kylie for me, you all must have someone you have always liked, who you still listen to after all these years, who is it?

Oh, and I don't think I really need to say it, but I will: Jason Donovan? ABSOLUTE LEGEND.

Everyone knows he is going to enter a time machine, get his looks back from when he went out with the Kylester, and come and marry me.

BTW: If I get any comments dissing my hubby to be - I won't post them!!! X


  1. My all time favourite album is The Verve's Urban Hymns, Bittersweet Symphony came out when I was about 11 so I begged for the album for my birthday because pocket money only bought me the single! Well into U2 as well though & The Farm are brilliant I think.

    I'm not telling you the first ever single I bought because it's far too embarrassing, as is my future husband. Oh the shame! & now I feel old because Bittersweet Symphony was 10 years ago!!

  2. I still like all those old songs that my mum use to listen to when she cleaned the house on a Saturday morning. Do you remember Jive Bunny? I love that. Sad, but true.

  3. I wont diss him. I thought he was AWESOME in I'm a celebrity!

  4. GND: I've got that album, but I only got it about 2 years ago, I didn't realise it was 10 years ago!!God!

    JD: Don't remember Jive Bunny, sorry (I have heard of them though)

    Vi: I didn't watch him on celeb, I was on hol when it started and then I didn't want to ruin the sexy image I have of him in my head by watching him now!!

  5. I love Kylie she is "leg", her last few videos where so hot, I have to admit it, I bought the dvd, (blush), watering the garden!, as for Jason, he is alright, he survived the free fall from the kylie relationship and he doen't really bother anyone. So I can't dis him, even if I wanted to.

  6. tears on my pillow is from Grease!

  7. Knew I'd seen it from somewhere! Thanks X

  8. Ok i'm sure this post is years old but yey! i love Kylie and Jason too and am currently listening to Enjoy Yourself on casette! no joke!

    how crazy is life

  9. p.s tears on my pillow is on old 50's song but she used it in one of her films and this song was part of the soundtrack