Sunday, 24 June 2012

#69 Life According to my iPhone - Week 25

25 - Week 25 (1)

Monday - Spent my lunch hour pottering in Leeds and picked up some sale buys from Paperchase; New York notebook £6.99 (not in sale), Love heart boxes £4.25, Book of sticky notes, £2.50.

25 - Week 25 (2)

Tuesday - Painted by nails Barry M Mint Green and Models Own Emerald City before eating fish shop fish and chips, not had them for ages!

25 - Week 25 (3)

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday - Rain, Jacket potato with tuna salad, Chicken and chorizo kebabs at the Harvester

25 - Week 25 (4)
25 - Week 25 (6)
25 - Week 25 (5)

Saturday - Cinema & Nandos, almost shameful food shop in Asda on the way home

I've had quite a good weekend, Saturday we saw What To Expect When You're Expecting and I absolutely loved it, made me feel quite emotional at times as well! Have you seen it? Nandos was immense, as always. I didn't realise until I checked out at Asda what I must have looked like and the checkout girl commented on all the sweets. It's not all that bad though; I'm planning on making something with some of the things, so if it goes well I'll post some pictures later this week, nothing major but looking forward to it! The Ben and Jerrys was on offer and I've had some tonight, I don't think it was anything special, thats two of the new core ones I've tried and not really liked. I also found myself throwing Hershey Kisses in the basket as they remind me of New York but I always forget when I eat Hershey chocolate that I think it leaves an aftertaste of sick in my mouth? Does anyone else think this? I should really remember not to go crazy when I see it in a shop I guess! 

The Olympic Torch comes to my nearest town tomorrow and I have to say I'm a little gutted I won't be seeing it. It comes to Leeds City Centre at like 7 AM and it is just too early for me to get into town, theres no way I'd be up and ready for public transport at 6, and by the time it gets to near my home its around 9, well I have to be on my way to Leeds for work then, so it looks like I won't be seeing it! Have you been to see it?


Thursday, 21 June 2012

#68 Things I Love Thursday

♥ My brother getting a first in his degree, so proud of him! 


IMG_0909 (2)

♥ Not minding the fact that it rained so hard all day today, actually loving it 


♥ Leaving work just as the thunder and lightening cracked out...and Blame It On The Weatherman by B*Witched being the first song to come on a shuffle of over 7000 songs! What are the odds! (Yes, I know... I have B*Witched on my iPod for the memories!) 


♥ Re-reading all my New York posts and wanting to go back so badly. but being thankful that I've had the opportunity to go twice already 

IMG_0258 (2)




♥ Quoting and talking obsessively about Grease, most definitely in my top ten favourite films of all time! 



Tuesday, 19 June 2012

#67 Life According to my iPhone - Week 24

Finally up to date on this one!! As I mentioned in my last Life according... post I don't really have a lot of pictures this week, have just been getting back into the mundane 9 - 5 lifestyle again after enjoying my week off!

24 - Week 24

Top - Really wanting to buy this maxi skirt from River Island, just not sure if it would suit me! Making a prawn stir fry for me and my dad and being obsessed with Benefit Coralista!

Middle - Buying Sponge Bob lollies for the fam :) Bought these gorgeous boots from Office! Starting the weekend off with salmon and scrambled egg bagels! 

Bottom - All Fathers Day related, the present bag we have been giving my Dad for the last twenty years, he has kept it all this time and we put all his pressies in it every year <3 Absolutely epic beef roast dinner for lunch, and a later snack of strawberries and some ice cream! YUM! 

Hope everyone had fantastic weekends and spoilt your dads!


Monday, 18 June 2012

#66 Benefit Event

Around a week ago I was kindly invited to an event held by Benefit Cosmetics held in Leeds City Centre. When I woke up the rain was lashing down, I managed to get make up on the top I was planning on wearing, then couldn't find any black tights so had to change my whole outfit, and had to wear rubbish shoes so that by the time I got to Leeds, not only were the ankles of my tights a deeper burgundy than the rest of my legs, I was wet through and really wanted to just call it a day!! 

I met up with Sinead, Charlotte and Jade and we had a short mooch around some shops before meeting up with Phoebe, Ray and Tor and heading down to Fibre, the bar the event was being held. I have never been in Fibre before but when we got there we were a tad early so we bought a drink and found out all drinks were £2! Also Tor introduced me to a new drink I had never heard of before but I think it is set to be a firm favourite this summer, Midori and Lemonade! Pretty much as soon as we'd sat down we were taken up lots of stairs to the members room at the top and introduced to the rest of the bloggers at the event and split into two groups. 


My group pretty much consisted of who I'd arrived with, as we'd all sat together, and a few others, and Adele from Benefit came to join us. I instantly took a liking to Adele as she is a Leeds girl, is manager of my nearest Benefit counter, has fantastic eyebrows and was just one of those people you know you will get along with! She proceeded to tell us about the ethics of the Benefit girls, and then did a little showcase on some of the products to us - on me! She showed us what would happen basically if we were to go to a Benefit counter, what they were trained to do to the customers.

She took my make up off, using the Remove It Makeup Remover, then applied the Moisture Prep Toning Lotion, which is a toner/serum gel and honestly smells SO amazing, a smidgen of It's Potent Eye Cream and The POREfessional (which I think everyone and their mum will have tried now thanks to the Glamour freebies!) before matching me up to a shade in their new Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation & matching powder (£24.50). She also gave me a splash of colour using one of the famous box powder blushes, in CORALista .After she had done all this my face felt so smooth and brilliant, and this has made me desperate to finish off the cleansers and toners I am currently using so that I can buy the Benefit ones! Honestly, if you have never smelt these you need to get to a counter pronto. When it comes to foundation I am a MAC Studio Fix Fluid girl at heart and although I have tried different foundations in the past I always come back to it. But at the end of the day my make up still looked great and I am strongly considering picking up the liquid foundation when my MAC runs out. 


After Adele had finished, we swapped groups, and it was then Michelle's turn to give us a bit of a Benefit history lesson! I have to say that at a lot of the events I have been to these background tid bits are my favourite parts to take away and remember. I love knowing why a brand was started, perhaps why the name is what it is. For instance did you know the Benetint cheek & lip tint was made by the founders Jean & Jane because exotic dancers kept going in the shop and asking for something like it to put enhance their nipples?! Love this!! 


The event was, amongst other things, to celebrate the newest Benefit addition - Box O Powder glosses. Benefit are releasing in July six Ultra Plush Glosses, one in each shade of the Boxed Powder Blushers (bar Hervana). As you can see above I snapped a quick pic of the shades 'Dandelion' and 'Hoola'  - and I have to say that I am absolutely in love with Hoola and will be buying this as soon as it is released!

I used to be a massive fan of glosses and these days I would head towards a lipstick any day but these glosses are not sticky at all, they smell gorgeous and since receiving one in my goodie bag I have literally not used anything else, that's how much I love it!



I was so made up to receive a Brow Zings in my goodie bag, eyebrows are definitely something I am big on at the moment!


I have been using the above products every day together with my usual cleanser and am absolutely loving them. As soon as my current products have been finished I am going to buy the skincare Adele used on my at the event.


We also received this really cute USB! How fab is this!

Are you a fan of the Benefit skincare? Do you think the Box O Powder Glosses are something you would be interested in?


PS - If you head to the Leeds House of Fraser counter before the 30 June for a Benefit Make Over and decide to make a purchase, quote 'Girl with the Golden Touch' you could receive a fab free gift!

Saturday, 16 June 2012

#65 Life According to my iPhone - Week 23

23 - Week 23 (1)
23 - Week 23 (2)

Monday: Cocktails with Sinead along the river in Leeds and TGI's <3 

23 - Week 23 (3)

Tuesday: Jubilee Party

23 - Week 23 (4)

Wednesday: Day out in Ilkley 

23 - Week 23 (5)

Thursday: Benefit event, Nandos, Cocktails with the lovelies aka Charlotte, Sinead, Ray, Tor

23 - Week 23 (6)
23 - Week 23 (7)

Sunday: Helping a mummy bird find this little baby tonka who was hidden in the garden unable to fly or cry or pretty much do anything; Milo went mooching and came back caked in mud; Bacon and haloumi cheeseburgers with salad and potatoes; Late night mani, China Glaze Pink Voltage & Models Own Pink Fizz

Sorry for yet another life according... post... I really wanted to get this one up tonight as then I am back on track! And apologies for the ton of pictures in this episode..As I mentioned previously I was off work last week and a very busy bee! There are hardly any pictures for this week so it can make up for that lol.

I've been loving seeing everyones Jubilee posts, so exciting! I am such a Royal Family freak! Love the Queenie! Well all of them actually!

Hope you've enjoyed these piccies :)